Us Patent Application Process

Jan 06, 2017  · The process of obtaining a utility patent in the US generally involves novelty searching, application drafting, waiting for the patent office to review the application, and negotiating with the patent office about the scope of patent protection.

A patent application is subject to the payment of a basic fee and additional fees that include a search fee, an examination fee, and issue fee. Depending on your application, there may also be excess claims fees. fees vary depending on the type of patent application that you submit.

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patent process overview. step 10, Applicant – Applicant files replies requests for reconsideration, and appeals as necessary Step 11, USPTO – If objections and rejection of the examiner are overcome, USPTO sends Notice of Allowance and Fee(s) due.

Patent in US for my invention a guideline on cost, procedure and timeline to get patent in US for the InPayTech payments process. Patent approvals in Asia include China, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore. InPayTech has a pending patent application in Canada and the canadian patent office has been …

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