North American T 28 Trojan

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Jan 13, 2017  · The T-28A was originally developed by North American Aviation for the Air Force to replace the T-6 Texan as a training model for future jet pilots, and flew for the first time in September of 1949. The T-28 was designed to bring the tricycle gear trainer to military service, as the new jet models would have this same equipment.

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detailed technical data, specifications and photos of Trainer North American T-28 Trojan is the comprehensive civil and military aircraft encyclopedia with photogallery, airport-codes, airline-codes, aircraft-codes, country-codes, NATO-codes, aviation museums and much more.

Title: North American T-28 Trojan. The T-28 was designed as a replacement for the T-6 primary trainer and first flew in 1949 as the T-28A with an 800 hp R-1300 engine. This version was used by the USAF but was generally considered as underpowered and was supplanted in USAF service by the T-37.

New Plymouth-based pilots Brett Emeny and Peter Vause are currently working up a pairs formation in their north american trojan T-28 aircraft which they will debut at Wanaka next year. The …

The NTSB has released its factual report from an accident involving a T-28 Trojan aircraft that was landing at Moorhead … N9103F, serial number 51-7606, was manufactured by the North American …

The wreck of the single-engine T-28 Trojan occurred about 6 p.m. Sunday … Mark Empting of the Sheriff’s Office. The T-28 was built by North American Aviation in the 1950s and served as a Navy …

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